Digital Assets

Duplicate your collections for the digital worlds.

The Methodology

The main process that can be implemented in the multiple scenarios to fit the need of the use either to showcase artistic projects or a selling case as digital assets in games or blockchains.


The Definition

3D design can revolutionize the fashion industry with true-to-life
simulation as it helps the product line-up by increasing the accuracy as well as it can add value through to the physical products for the digital native consumer as it can integrate unique designs in blockchains, NFTs, and games.

3D modeling-2.png
3D modeling-1.png

Why its important...

As the world became technology-driven through new tools such as AR, VR, XR, etc..; to be aligned with trends that are involved in those tools can enable brands to gain new customers.

3D modeling-4.jpg
3D modeling-3.jpg

Motions Create Emotions

Modelling, Texturing, and Lighting are the main elements for any 3D asset; however, adding a subtle movement and sounds can enhance the watching experience as it gives a new dimension.

NFT Cover-2.jpg

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