Smart Label

Embedding content to power your collection.

1. Physical Interfaces

Smart labels are bridges that link physical products to digital worlds. Here are the two main interfaces that can be embedded in the product:

QR Code


- Pandemic has made it popular to scan
- No energetical consumption 
- 10 cm distance max
- Cost only to print



- Metallic antenna printed in/behind the label
- Needs an NFC reader to be scanned*
- Read up to 25m depending on frequency (MHz)
- No energetical consumption 

* The current compatible phones with RFID tags: 

iPhone 7, 8 AND X (iOS 11+): Requires NFC Reader App. Search ‘SharpEnd NFC Scanner’ on the app store.

iPhone X, XR, XS, 11 & beyond: NFC is automatically activated. Follow the instructions below.

Major Android Devices: Check if available by searching for ‘NFC’ in Settings.

2. How to scan them

QR Code

Smart Label Phone with bag-02.jpg

1. Unlock your camera
2. Center the QR Code in your camera
3. Click on the notification to launch it 


Smart Label Phone with bag-01.jpg

1. Unlock your NFC enabled smartphone
2. Tap your phone* against the RFID location
3. Click on the notification to launch it 


Phone 7, 8 & beyond | Major Android Devices: Middle | Google Pixel: Middle | Huawei: Top right

3. The type of content


AR view-01.jpg

- Product information pages 
- Fitting information: sizes guide

- Marketing content such as invitations


AR view-02.jpg

- XR: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality
- Virtual Assistants

- Clickable video

Frequently asked questions

For more information, we recommend you book a 15 minutes call with our team to have a better understanding of the possibilities that fit your requirements.